#NLW More to the Story

Next week is April Vacation for some students, including my granddaughters. We can’t wait for mud kitchen, painting, planting and baking cookies with Bumpy. The library will break out the croquet set, a fresh batch of bubbles and more sidewalk chalk.

“So, Remembering the way it was, Sensing the way it is now, we discover the way it is becoming.” True to Form by GOBIN STAIR, artist, Kingston, MA, from A History of Frost Free Library Part I, Harold K. Shelley. The Frost Free Library has been serving the Marlborough community since 1867. Many librarians, trustees and friends have served over the years. For some families it is a proud tradition passed down to each generation. The constant for your community library is YOU. Your library is a community center because YOU are at the center. Volunteers have always stepped up to help with gardens, painting, fundraising, presenting, serving and so much more. It is a tradition you should be PROUD of Marlborough.

The theme for this year’s #NLW – There’s more to the story – is especially suited for us this year as we all pull together to prepare for the next chapter @Frost Free with the beginning and completion of long-awaited community center addition.

We’ll have the easel set up with a place to write your hopes for this next chapter of YOUR community library. Tell us what you think, what you’d like to learn, do, discover, explore and what you need your library to be in your community. Civic engagement has always been vital in making Frost Free the place where everyone knows your name. The place to partner in learning and discovering together.

Library week is a great time to revisit the library if you have been away for a while for any reason. Today’s library is a different place. Especially if you hold bad memories of overdue fines and shushing librarians.

Frost Free is proud to be fine-free and to offer a wide array of materials in various formats as well as “Things” to borrow such as Metal Detectors, a Telescope, Garden Tools, Seeds, Toys and more. Your library card is a valuable tool for accessing the Libby app for downloadable books, audio and magazines; many of which you can stream in your car. Novelist by EBSCO is an excellent reader’s advisory tool to help you find what to read next when your favorite authors don’t write fast enough. America’s News by NEWSBANK offers access to local and regional news as well as Hot topics. Our latest addition Mango languages offers a wide array of languages, including talk like a pirate! You can access these digital resources here on the website under links. Your library card # is the key to discover. You never know what you might be missing. Rediscover your library. #NLW National Library Week – There’s more to the story…