Happiest of Fall Fridays…

So grateful for the loveliest of fall days to welcome Allison Gardner and her Kindergartners and Libby Gray and First graders from Marlborough School for library tours, stories and book sharing. We’ll be looking forward to scheduling with Preschool and 2nd graders for visits soon. Smiles weren’t just present on the faces of staff, teachers and kids, but on the faces of visiting patrons as well. First graders were breathless watching Gillbert gulp his Friday worm. Frost Free is excited to be helping students and teachers with their studies of trees, butterflies and more. The books are so happy being shared, having their pages turned and having a season of new book hugs. We had percolator cider going and zucchini cake to share. What a GREAT day. Enjoy your weekend and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you research, discover and enjoy.

What the Tech? Cybersecurity was scheduled for 9/27 at 4 pm hoping to use the school’s computer lab but the school board doesn’t meet until Monday 9/26 and we haven’t had anyone register so we may reschedule. We have topics including gmail, internet, and zoom that we’ll explore with Terry Maugeri.

If the school lab isn’t available we may meet at the table and ask you to bring your own devices if you have them. Please contact the desk with interest and preferred day/time. Thanks and look forward to learning with you.