Gillbert survived the blizzard and you?

Gillbert Clementine of Frost Free Library is ready for Spring!

There’s plenty of tree work left to do (Thanks in advance to Wilcox Tree Service for putting us on the list).

BIG SHOUTOUT to our DPW, PD, FIRE & EMS for all the ways the cleared a path for us during the storm as well as the generous neighbors and friends that pitched in with shovels, chainsaws, trucks and tractors as needed.

But all the dripping and mud and little green shoots mean that Spring is around the corner, right?!

The seed library is back (Thanks to Ames Automotive for storing for the winter) with new varieties and possibilities for the growing season. There are a few new tools to borrow as well new gardening titles. Don’t forget to visit the Libby app for a dazzling assortment of garden magazines if you need more inspiration.

We’ll have bags, gloves & vests while supplies last for Roadside Cleanup in Marlborough for April. Hop into the library to find out more. There’s another box or two of books on the way for the NEW shelf.

We are excited to see the generous responsiveness of patrons who have filled the Kidz Cupboard, Food Pantry collection box several times.

Preschoolers & siblings enjoyed our 1st Preschool Lunch bunch this past Tuesday, at 11:30 am (before hours) We enjoyed stories & songs for half an hour shared some literacy tips and played with our friends and checked out books. Bring your own lunch.