Computer Basics for Adults!? Your librarian wants to know.

I know you are out there. Figuring out the difference between a mouse and a window. Frustrated trying to find what you want in a web search. Wanting to try virtual meetings with friends and family. Want to Suprise your grandkids with a new skill set?

Thanks to Public Library Association and AT&T we have the opportunity to offer computer basics in email, internet, cybersecurity and zoom.

I know the bulletin came out late this month so perhaps you haven’t seen it yet.

Is it the time? 4 pm? Would you rather have a morning class?

Please reach out we want to increase our digital literacy skills together.

The school board and our new principal worked hard to get us logins for the school computer lab.

Call me 603 876 449 or email the library with interest and preferred timeslot. THANKS a bunch.