Be the One!

So close to the finish line and Spring 2021 Groundbreaking!

Did you throw out the 150 Campaign email because it was too thick? Not interested in our humble brochure & pledge card? Do you have COVID brain like the rest of us and just forgot to send a check or hit the PayPal Donation button at

You are not alone. The GREAT news is that we are SO CLOSE to meeting our goal to start construction of 1500 Square Feet of community space at Frost Free.  Your donation could BE THE ONE to push us over the finish line!

Some of our biggest contributors are not library users but believe in equitable access to Wi-Fi, and materials for education, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

Can you imagine if we had that space now?  We would have had more flexibility for curbside, browsing and Wi-Fi/Computer ACCESS services during COVID.

Pay Pal Donation Button on the Website

Go Now! and press that lovely donate button and lend YOUR year-end support to books, kids, movies, community, friends, collaborations, historic buildings and all the things that Marlborough means to you now and what it could mean for future generations.

Thank You and “Take Peace”, Kristin L. Readel, Director, Frost Free Library